Open Source

Alex Clark's contributions to open source.

In 2004, Alex Clark was inspired by the Plone CMS project to make his first contributions to open source. For the next few years, he contributed to several Plone add-ons including Products.PloneHelpCenter, Products.PloneSoftwareCenter, and Products.PloneOrg.

In 2009, Alex Clark completed his first Plone Improvement Proposal: Add ability to choose group when adding new site members.

In 2010, Alex Clark created Pillow (a fork of the popular Python Imaging Library created by Fredrik Lundh). As of early 2017, Pillow has been downloaded over 15 million times, can be found in many major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu & Fedora Core, and is used by Fortune-100-serving companies like Atlassian. Please contact us for professional Pillow support.

In 2011, Alex Clark completed his second Plone Improvement Proposal: Add 'test mail server' form to Mail Settings.

In 2013, in an effort to simplify Plone installation, Alex Clark began the Plock project.

In late 2015, in an effort to avoid the per-developer cost of commercial invoicing and time tracking software, Alex Clark developed his own invoicing and time tracking software. It has replaced commercial software and been in use at ACLARK.NET, LLC since January 1, 2016.

In early 2016, in an effort to simplify development projects, Alex Clark began the Project Makefile project.

This website launched in early 2015 & updated in early 2017 is open source.