Our team offers extensive experience in the development, deployment and maintenance of Python-based web applications.

Alex Clark

Alex Clark is a Python Web Developer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA living in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Loyola University in Maryland and has worked as a Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Administrator and Technical Team Leader since May, 1998. He is also the President of DC Python, a non-profit organization he co-founded to promote and support the use of Python software in DC.
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Andy McKay

Andy McKay is a skilled web developer with excellent communication and project management skills.

Brian Lao

Brian Lao is a versatile computer programmer with his most recent development experience in the web space. He is well versed in the Python/Django-JS/Angular stack, as well as in the RDBMS arena (mostly Postgresql). He also loves DevOps, big data, cooking, fashion, and beautiful code.

Daniel Greenfeld

Before 2005 Daniel Greenfeld was a software developer with over 10 years of experience in expensive solutions from Microsoft and Sun technologies. In 2005 he found himself working for NASA and diving headfirst into the open source world of Python, Django, Plone, and Zope. In 2010 he left NASA to co-found, a Los Angeles firm primarily dedicated to open source advocacy and instruction.

Jerome Leclanche

Jerome has been a Python developer since 2004 and has been using Django since version 1.0. He is a champion of open source software and promotes open systems over proprietary solutions.

Ken Cochrane

Ken Cochrane is a software engineer with broad-based experience designing and implementing database-backed web applications, specializing in Python and Java.

Larry Pitcher

Larry Pitcher has been active in the Plone community since 2004 and has built Plone sites for clients in the banking, non-profit, government, bio-tech, and small-business sectors. He also writes training materials for end-users of Plone sites. Larry has been programming and using computers since before the IBM PC was introduced. He worked as a COBOL programmer in the United States Air Force, and later got involved in Network Management, System Administration, Web Development, and Open Source Software.

Nathan Danielsen

Nathan Danielsen is a skilled web developer with experience in Django and Flask. He has extensive experience with international and nonprofit organizations interested in applications of technology in lesser developed countries. He also teaches Python to adults who wish to learn to program.

Reed O'Brien

Reed O'Brien is interested in solving interesting problems with Zope Toolkit, Plone, and Pyramid technologies. He enjoys engineering intelligent, extensible solutions. He is also very interested in the semantic web.

Rob Porter

Rob Porter is the author of several add-on packages for Plone including CSSManager, EasyAsPiIE, and ContentWellPortlets. He has spoken about theming at Plone Conferences and Symposiums and regularly teaches people how to program and deploy their Plone sites.

Rok Garbas

Rok Garbas is web developer currently based in Sevilla, Spain, with over 5 years of commercial experience. He specializes in building accessible websites using Zope, Plone, Grok, and Pyramid.

Steve Barber

Steve Barber has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; he has been a Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) since 1995, where he provides infrastructure support for over 500 scientists performing various kinds of research.

Tim Knapp

Tim Knapp has been an active member of the Plone community since 2006. He has worked on a variety of projects, and is comfortable with all aspects of Plone development including theming, feature additions, and test driven development.

Wendell Turner

Wendell Turner has over 20 years experience in general software development, including initial concept, design, implementation, and deployment; experience in geographic information systems and NOAA weather products; extensive experience in Unix and Linux system administration; and experience in network protocol design and embedded systems development.