Our Testimonials

Alex was able to revive a very important part of our web site - a Python job I'm not sure anyone else would have had the expertise or patience to complete. My experiences with ACLARK.NET have always been exceptional, and I would happily engage Alex for future projects.


—David Steiner, President, Steiner Associates LLC,

Alex brought deep experience and unmatched professionalism to his engagement with National Geographic. His work facilitating communication and promoting best practices across a geographically dispersed development team was crucial to the success of our project.


—Patrick Wellever, Digital Producer, National Geographic,

Even though he primarily specializes in Python Web Development, Alex was tremendously helpful with our Joomla! website; he performed PHP upgrades, security updates and other miscellaneous tasks; we were very happy with his work.


—Cliff Hunt, IT Director at Strategic Health Partners,

It is a relief to know ACLARK.NET is there to back up our corporate systems; consistent high-quality service and a trustworthy company.


—Diane Samuels, Corporate Communications Director, SCS Engineers,

Alex is a brilliant engineer and terrific at completing his commitments! If you use Alex, you won't be sorry!!


—Jace Weiser, Chief Technology Officer, Phase 5 Group,

I got what I expected from our initial conversations and I'm pleased with the result. Thanks for the nice work. It looks really good.


—Jason Moore, Post Doctoral Researcher, Human Motion and Control Lab, Cleveland State University,

We're really happy with what you've made for us. I know you really worked long and hard, and even longer and harder, on the project, and we are most satisfied and appreciative. And just plain pleased — it has been great to work with you.


—Michael Fortun, Associate Professor, Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,

In 2006, Alex helped Radio Free Asia move their website content from Bricolage to Plone. This was a challenging task not many were willing to undertake, so we especially appreciate his skill and dedication to our project.


—David Baden, Chief Technical Officer, Radio Free Asia,

Alex became our 'Plone calendar wizard' in 2007 and has been keeping our website running smoothly ever since.


—Lou Wollrab, Information Coordinator, System for Adult Basic Education Support, World Education,

Thank you (among other things) for 'Plone 3.3 site administration'. Hopefully you'll publish 'Plone 4 administration' some day ...


—Michael G. Rozman, Visiting Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut,

Hello Alex, Wanted to thank you for an excellent class at Penn State and look forward to further classes in the future. … you are one of the best instructors I ever meet [sic] when it comes to the Plone CMS.


—Thomas Golden, System Engineer, Antimicrobial Therapy, Inc.,