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Since 2004, our goal has been to advance the use of open source software and related technologies. We are the organizers and leaders of DC Python, a 501(c)(3) organization. Alex Clark is the creator and project lead for Pillow. We were the lead organizers and hosts of Plone Conference 2008. We provide successful open source software development, consulting, training, hosting and support for numerous companies and organizations, from Amtrak to USAID, in the U.S. and around the world. The focus of our past, current, and future endeavors is on reinforcing and expanding our commitment, outreach, and involvement with both open source technology and the community that depends on it.


Python Imaging Library

In 2010, Alex Clark created Pillow, a software development fork of the venerable Python Imaging Library. As of early 2017, Pillow has been downloaded over 15 million times, can be found in many major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora Core, and is used by Fortune-100-serving companies like Atlassian. As of 2019, professional Pillow support is available from Tidelift.

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1 >>> from PIL import Image
2 >>> im ="hopper.ppm")
4 >>> from __future__ import print_function
5 >>> print(im.format, im.size, im.mode)
6 PPM (512, 512) RGB

The approach presented in Alex Clark's instructional text book, "Plone 3.3 Site Administration", helps users create, deploy, and maintain all versions of Plone up to and including Plone 5. The text covers Plone basics from a site administrator's perspective including (but not limited to) instructions on how to learn the use of Buildout to develop, deploy, and maintain a modern Plone site; enhance the functionality and appearance of your web site by using third-party add-ons; and features many useful Buildout recipes from the Python Package Index.

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"In 2006, Alex helped Radio Free Asia move their website content from Bricolage to Plone. This was a challenging task not many were willing to undertake, so we especially appreciate his skill and dedication to our project."

David Baden, Chief Technical Officer, Radio Free Asia





As of 2020, Wagtail has become our preferred framework for building Python-based web applications. While it's admittedly more of a CMS framework then an out-of-the-box-CMS ("built by developers for developers"), it's quite pleasant to work with for all involved (developers, content editors, end users, etc.) and yields impressive results for all.

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Plone Conference 2008

We created a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, DC Python (ZPUGDC, Inc.) in 2008 to expand our outreach to the users and supporters of open source technology. The organization focuses primarily on the local Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia Python community. One of our most significant contributions through our involvement with DC Python was the organization and hosting of Plone Conference 2008.

Our leadership of the DC Python organization continues today. We provide the management and facilitation of regular monthly meetings, sprints, and many other Python-related events and activities. We also maintain the entity in order to ensure a continued commitment to its mission.

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