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UNIX Tips For The Elderly


Do something to a bunch of files

I often want to do something to a bunch of files on the local filesystem. For example:

$ find Music/ | xargs -I % echo 'Do something to ' %

This works because, according to the xargs man page:

-I replstr
Execute utility for each input line, replacing one or more occurrences of replstr in up to replacements (or 5 if no -R …

Buildout Recipe Tip

When package and distribution names don't match

Sometimes a Plone add-on is distributed as a compressed archive and is extracted to the foo/ directory but the Python package is named bar. This can be a problem when using plone.recipe.distros because when bar is extracted to parts/productdistros/foo the Plone add-on will not be loaded by Zope.

Fortunately there is which allows you to specify the destination. For example, ZNagios …

I love the SLRN news reader

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 5.06.20 PM

A news reading terminal application

I've been meaning to write this blog entry about slrn ever since I started using it some time last year. Finally here it is. Some things I found interesting:

  • It's great for those that enjoy terminal applications as I do (e.g. mutt, w3m, etc.)
  • It allows you to bind keys to actions.
  • There is a default config file that can be copied to ~/.slrnrc and …

Help Improve Plone's API Documentation

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 5.12.01 PM

Sponsor my trip

I'm traveling from Washington, DC, USA to Mountain View, CA, USA on June 26 through June 29 to participate in the Plone DocComm Sprint.

My main focus will be updating Plone's online API documentation.

If you are interested in seeing this done, please consider making a donation to help with my travel expenses. In return, I will create and upload API documentation for:

  • Plone-2.5.3
  • Archetypes-1.4.4 …

First Post


I have decided to start a blog

Why? Because Plone allows me to do so. But also, because:

  • I have been reading a lot of lately and they have inspired me to write my own.
  • I want to interact with other Plone developers and users.
  • I want to try new technology.

Build Tools

To that end, this post is about my build tools. But first I'll note these current …

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